Friday, 23 December 2016

The Goat Is On Fire

In Sweden there is a tradition in the town of Gavle to set up a 'Gavlebocken' to celebrate the Christmas festivities. This, don't you know, is a giant metal framed straw goat ..... and very attractive it is too. However in recent years the local drunks and half-wits have taken to burning it down at some stage of the celebrations.

The Gavle Gavlebocken .....

Now as the town reportedly spends around 2.3m kronor (£200,000; $250,000) on constructing the goat and the subsequent festivities, this is not a cheap annual set back, and the town tries hard to stop these arsonists ... last year the goat actually survived until 27 December, so the town was determined to pass that date this year, but apparently to no avail.

This year, despite more guards than ever, the goat was burnt down on its first night, when a security guard went to the toilet .... this is the 35th time in 50 years that the goat has been destroyed. The police apparently have no clues as to who the idiot in the village is, but undeterred the town promised to build another 'Gavlebocken' next year.

Perhaps they would be better calling it the Phoenix.

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