Friday, 8 November 2019

Guilty As Charged

Huntsville Police Department arrested Shay Michael Thome in July 2019 .....

His Wife Wanted To Leave Him For Some Reason .......

..... after he bit off a woman’s finger, during a fight.

The woman was a friend of his wife's. He and his wife had been arguing for several days and his wife had been packing her belongings to leave him, assisted by her friend, when Mr Thome acted.

Police said Thome grabbed her friend's hand and bit off her little finger and then started “assaulting” the friend “with his fists.”  Thome's wife came running into the room and was trying to get him off her friend when he bit her hand as well but didn't remove any digits. Thome's wife and friend eventually broke away, but Thome then grabbed a gun and smashed out a glass door using his “gun as a tool to show his anger", his wife was cut by the shattered glass.

Mr Thome was then involved in an altercation with other men, when he followed the two women, and was disarmed and held by the men until the police arrived. The wife's friend called emergency services and was transported to the hospital, while Thome was arrested and jailed in Madison County Jail at 3am. An officer later found the little finger in the living room of the marital home. Officers took it to the hospital, but “doctors were unable to reattach it” when the friend underwent surgery.

The photograph, which was widely distributed across the web, was obtained from the website of the Madison County Jail, after he was charged with first-degree assault -  he is currently being held on a $10,000 bond, and may face further charges.

It must be one of the more proof positive mugshots ever published. 

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