Friday, 31 May 2013

Feminist Fascists

Women's civil rights are under threat around the world, particularly where religious zealots holds sway. With calls for Sharia laws being advocated for 'Muslim' areas of Europe and the UK, and women's rights going backward across the Arab world as the Islamists sweep into power. This is particularly true in those formerly nominally secular areas such as Iraq and Syria. So as the UK government supports arming Islamists over secularists, guess what the 'Wimmin of the Left' in the UK are up in arms about?

'Mens' Magazines .... no, not those of the 'anatomical' variety, no they mean those with names such as 'Loaded', 'NUTS', 'Zoo', Maxim and 'FHM' etc .... publications that I for one considered rather tame, old fashioned and hardly worth anyone's attention.

Gloria Steinem was a 1960's feminist who attacked Playboy

Yes, what's sometimes described as 'Lads Mags', are the subject of a battle that was apparently fought and won with the demise of the 'Bunny Girl', but is being re-fought by 'wimmins' groups 'UK Feminista' and 'Object' who have joined forces with a task force 11 lawyers to launch the 'Lose the Lad Mags' campaign via an announcement in the Guardian Newspaper.

Their argument is that one of 'New Labour' laws (yes those set of laws that are so beloved by terrorists and human rights lawyers across the profession), the 'Equality Act 2010', possibly makes the displaying of those magazines, or the requirement of staff to handle them, could amount to sexual harassment or discrimination.

This is so pathetic a campaign, compared with the battles fought by the feminists of the 1960's, and such a cowardly response to the real issues that normal women have to fight (by 'normal' I mean the women who don't live in 'PC La La lands' paid for by public funds, or media jobs), as to almost make one want to laugh.

Women Look At Topless Centrefolds

I do hope that they are going to also attack those 'women's magazines' (bought by those normal women), that make sex objects of men such as David Beckham? I mean pictures of him lolling about topless in his underwear aren't aimed at heterosexual men, but rather are for women (and homosexuals) to look at, and fantasise about their partner being vaguely like that, if only they rushed out and bought them the same underwear.  I give as an example the 'Male Centrefold Alert' in this months ladies 'Cosmopolitan' magazine which is described as "Naked rugby player centrefold alert!" ... in fact it has a whole section described as 'Centrefolds' ..... surely this popular ladies magazine is peddling the same  content as the 'Lads Mags'.

Piers Hernu, a writer for many mens magazines said that no "right-minded individual" would consider the content of these magazines "pornographic", and further added that "What we have here is a very deeply sinister and disturbing attempt by a group of fundamentalist, fanatical feminists trying to rope in some lawyers in order to bully the supermarkets into removing lads mags' from the shelves by alerting both staff and customers that they may be able to win a court case".

Page 3 Girls Have Been A Long-Term Target

Of course if these femfascista's can win one of these cases, then of course logically all newspapers with a topless woman in them i.e. the UK 'Red Tops' with 'Page 3' topless models, would also fail the test, and would be illegal as well ...... and probably that's their target all along ..... it was always one of their long term aims since the 1960's.  

But what really gets to me, is the sheer arrogance that allows a group of no more that a few thousand women 'activists' to think that they can decide what 40 million men or women can look at, or do ...... that's called 'Communism', or rather in their particular commissar 'Newspeak' - 'Fascism'.


  1. Have the feminists in the UK heard of FEMEN? I ask because those protesters are arrested and imprisoned over forced marriages, gang rapes, acid attacks, clitoral circumcisions etc etc around the world.

    Not 'Lads Mags'.

    I would say that real feminists would turn in their graves, but in fact as they are still alive (Germaine Greer springs to mind), then they presumably find this an important issue, on a par with the concerns of FEMEN?

    1. Sorry for then late reply: I am afraid that I am not qualified (on all levels) to explain what goes through the minds of the UK's feministas.


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