Sunday, 19 May 2013

Spidermans Car

Matt Denton is an inventor and specialises in small-scale animatronics for the film industry .... so he's used to making small models such as this Spider Robot .....

Matt Denton - Spider Robot

But, then he got an itch and started building one of his robots in a bigger version ........ and hundreds of thousands of pounds later, he had a  ..... "very expensive toy"

Giant Spider Robot

There is some hope for him getting his money back ..... apparently a mining company and a marine research organisation are now interested in his design.

But buyer beware .... the driver-operated robot can only travel at 1.5km/h (1mph) and manage a distance of 5km on a 20-litre (4.5-gallon) tank of diesel, Oh, and its legs are a bit dodgy, having been rebuilt at least one ...... "they are very inefficient - the wheel was invented for a reason".

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