Sunday, 26 May 2013

Revenge Best Served Cold

They say that revenge is a dish best eaten cold ..... and maybe the Dutch Manchester United Centre Forward, Robin van Persie has been thinking this all season. He was of course, famously of the manor of Arsenal F.C. where he was the 'jewel' in the rather threadbare trophy-less cabinet.

Piers Morgan, is the former editor of the Daily Mirror Newspaper and now in the USA working host of 'Piers Morgan Live' on CNN TV.  He was famously a uber Arsenal fan, so when Mr van Persie left that club, for the brighter vistas of Old Trafford, Mr Morgan started mockingly referring to him on Twitter as 'Van Pursestrings', implying that he had joined the Premier League champions for money, rather than "Following his heart", and seeking a trophy in Manchester.

In his first season at Old Trafford, van Persie won the English Premier League title ...... his first trophy in English football.

In the US this week, Mr Morgan opened a package which contained a double-sided picture of the Dutch striker kissing the Premier League trophy with one side showing the message:

Robin van Persie 'revenge is a dish best eaten cold'

'Piersy my man, thanks for all the support! You made this day even more special! All the best, Van Pursestrings.' .... the other read: 'Great to be a champ.. so many #Tears4Piersy'

On his Twitter page Morgan said: 'After all the grief I've given Van Pursestrings, he's allowed a whack back. I'll just have to take it on the chins'.


  1. ....Manchester United.... sounds like football (snore), story please.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment ...

      Glad you enjoyed the story LOL ..... I don't do too many "football (snore)" stories, so its going to probably to be at least a year until the next.

    2. That's good to hear. There are plenty of outlets for it if you like it, no need to have it with every meal.

    3. Well your safe on that point, only the odd indigestion point, but its in blog title, LOL "from Football to Wars" ...


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