Friday, 24 May 2013

Salmond Run In Scotland

Alex Salmond has pronounced that Scotland can "more than afford' to be a successful independent country. He said this, while waving a little blue book entitled 'Scotland's Economy: the case for independence', which lists the nation's key economic strengths.

Scotlands Economy the case for independence

He claimed that rising inequality under Westminster and consistent economic mismanagement by successive UK governments was costing Scottish jobs and depressing Scottish growth. He finished off with the battle cry that "Scotland has a strong onshore economy and vast offshore potential, as well as a highly educated workforce and world class technology and research. But despite all of these inherent economic strengths, Scotland's long-term economic growth has lagged behind that of comparable European nations, many of which do not have the natural advantages we do. The explanation for that rests in the fact that Scotland's economic strength is not yet in Scotland's hands".

The opposition have said that his paper was "long on grievances about the past, but it is very short on Scotland's future. What was billed as an economic framework for independence has turned out to be a list of objections with barely any mention about how leaving the UK would have any impact on them".

I would suggest that the truth is much more simple ...... Socialists (either Labour, New Labour or the Scottish Nationalist Party), have run Scotland since the 1959 General Election (The last Conservative 'win' in Scotland was the 1955 election). I would further suggest that in fact 58 yrs of unrelenting Socialism is what has held Scotland back for the last half a century, and that a further eternity of unrelenting Socialism will do the same for the foreseeable future.

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