Friday, 24 May 2013

Reel Tape Revival

Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the waves comes the bad news - "The Cassette Is Back".

Yes in a stunning piece of news, it appears that it never completely died, and is now performing a sort of audio nerd resurgence. This has come about because a Canadian company, Analogue Media Technologies (now known as ''), which started in 1989 to help bands market their music to record producers and local radio stations, has started producing the tapes for start-up bands again.

There Was A Time When Cassette Players Were New
The driver for this is cost and sound .... the cost of slick looking promo CD's or DVD's (they do the graphics as well) has risen, and so some bands turned back to cassettes ... to such a degree that it says that cassette recordings make up 25% of the business, a volume not seen for twenty years or more. It seems that the analogue sound from a cassette is also preferred by sound buffs.

Personally I remember the sound made by tapes appearing as so much mangled spaghetti out of my car stereo ....

Too Many Of My Tapes Ended Like This ...
I was glad when they died out, and hope that this 'fad' doesn't turn into a reel tape revival .....


  1. For some of us, tape never went away mate!

    1. Each to their own mate. Thanks for the comment.


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