Friday, 31 May 2013

Gnomes of Zürich

What’s the world coming to when a chaps Swiss bank account isn't between him and the 12 digit code that he obtained anonymously? I mean where's one to stash his cash, if not in some quiet little spot where it can coyly hide from the rude attentions of tax men everywhere?

Yes, apparently the cold bright light of the economic crash is turning its glare towards the Swiss banks with firstly the US, the then EU authorities demanding that Swiss banks provide lists of their clients from those political blocks so that their tax declarations can be cross checked .... the EU drive is being pushed by the Greeks who are seemingly leaving no stone unturned.

Gnomes Of Zurich

Some Swiss have claimed that introduced in the 1930's, in order to stop the Nazis from tracking the money of German Jews, who were investing their assets in Swiss banks in order to stop the Nazis seizing them .... but in fact, the Swiss Banking Act of 1934 was introduced to protect client privacy in the future, following another French political scandal, in which a number of the French political and business elites were discovered to have hidden their money in Switzerland.

The Swiss, feeling themselves to be under pressure, are apparently considering negotiating that which was once non-negotiable and one of the Gnomes of Zurich was quoted as saying "We cannot be at war with our neighbours on these issues, that is very clear," ..... C'est La Guerre the French are so found of saying.

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