Friday, 9 June 2017

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

This image from the Canadian NATO representatives (without the flags which I added for clarity), appeared on Social Media, after Russian involvement in the 'civil war' in the Ukraine was confirmed.

Lost In The Ukraine .... Russian Soldiers Need Help.

Apparently there is a new phenomena of social media 'trolling' between nation states embassies, and even via non government websites such as newspapers  ....

 The US Embassy in Russia, proof read and corrected a fake news letter which the Izvestia newspaper printed, and claimed it was from a US official called 'Randy Berry' in support of Russian gay rights campaigner Nikolay Alexeyev. The newspaper said it was proof that US authorities were paying Mr Alexeyev to destabilise the situation in Russia.
US Embassy To Russia Corrected Fake News Fraud In Izvestia Newspaper ....

The text in red states "Dear Izvestia, next time you use a fake letter, feel free to forward it to us. We'll be happy to help you correct any mistakes. Sincerely yours, Department of State." 

Of course with such skilled hackers amongst its ranks, it would be daft to think Russia couldn't respond in the same vein .... but aimed at a different audience. They can't get much leverage over the Ukraine war in the West, but amongst more credulous societies (and where is there more credulity than amongst the Muslim Ummah?), then they might be believed.

Russian Involvement In the Ukraine Confirmed?

So the Russian embassy in the United Arab Emirates led the response with a sarcastic post on Western claims of Russian tanks in the Ukraine.

Of course many of us think that this sort of diplomacy is both dangerous and stupid, and no way to conduct foreign policy ... but with Donald Trump in the Whitehouse, and seemingly personally addicted to Social Media platforms, this sort of exchange is likely to grow.

After all a picture is worth a thousand words ..... whether they are the right or the wrong words, is another matter.


  1. I could have invaded the Ukraine with a bigger armoured force than that when I was 8. I had a few dozen tanks and missile launchers in my toy box.

    1. LOL .... come to that, so could I. Thanks for the comment, it made me laugh.


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