Friday, 23 June 2017

Unlucky For Some

A group of Russians from Saint Petersburg, must have thought their luck was in when they found around a billion roubles in an abandoned mine ..... but sadly for the group it was completely worthless, because it was all in old Soviet money.

One Billion Soviet Roubles .... Worthless Now

The group publish a blog on abandoned sites across Russia, came across the money in an old missile silo near Moscow, buried in Russia's Vladimir region, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. 

The money was estimated as having a value of at least one billion roubles, which is approximately $18m (£13.5m) at current exchange rates, or $33.3m at the "official" Soviet rate in 1991. But of course is no longer legal tender in the Russian Federation. It had been rumoured for years that a cash hoard existed, but a legend of radiation leaks in the silo's, meant no one had dared to explore them. However, modern Geiger counters showed that this was not the case.

When you consider that in the old USSR, just 100 roubles per week would have been a very good salary, in the Soviet era, it makes you realise that this would have been a wealth beyond imagination for most of its citizens.

Boris Yeltsin's Actions Changed Value Of Rouble Hoard ...

Apparently this might be one of at least three such other sites across Russia where cash was dumped. Whether it was by supporters of the old communist regime hoping to make a comeback (which failed when Boris Yelstin resisted the rebels), is not known.

But whatever the reason, its discovery fired much wistful comment on Russian social media .... most acknowledged that the good old days weren't really so good, but even so ..... even so, mused the commentators, what if that money was still valid currency?

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