Friday, 23 June 2017

The Right To Live Anywhere?

After the fire at Grefnell Tower a lot of us quite rightly felt sympathy for the survivors.

Grefnell Tower Disaster ....

However it appears that many of the residents were in fact people who had chosen the most expensive and desirable post code in the UK, in which to declare themselves 'homeless' in the first place. They were not native born and bred in the borough, so therefore had deliberately chosen their place of homelessness.

Many are apparently from Islamic or African countries, or even EU citizens, and yet we still apparently are obliged to treat them, rather than locals, as having the priority housing needs in the richest part of the country. Not many countries would allow that because of the native resentment it causes .... just go to central Paris or Rome to see that that is the case.

The Usual Rent A Mob Was Out In Force ... Attacking The Police.

Now, they and their 'Day of Rage' left-wing supporters, are agitating that they be rehoused in the same borough. This despite the fact that there is a long waiting list for the limited council properties in the borough, and the exorbitant cost of properties in the area.

Unfortunately Theresa May's government has been so unnerved by their recent electoral failure, that they are now in full panic mode, and have succumbed to the pressure from the Social Media internet warriors, and anarchist street thugs, who assault the same police who were commended over recent terror attacks. So they have agreed to Kensington council buying a large number of flats (68), in one of London's most expensive developments, where flats can go for around £8.5 million, to rehouse many Grefnell Towers residents.

Now admittedly the total cost of this is £10 million, mainly because these were social housing flats at the back of the main development. It's also cheaper than the idiot Jeremy Corbyn's call for all "empty homes" in that London borough to be seized, and allocated to the homeless. Obviously stupid, and as blatant a bit of class warfare as he could come up with this week.

But even so, why can't these residents be rehoused in less glamorous and more affordable accommodation elsewhere in London? Does the tube not cover this borough? Apparently living in the same flats as millionaires is a human right for these homeless people ... rather than rehousing them where we can.

It's no wonder we are such a magnet for illegal and legal migrants from across the globe. Net migration growth has averaged 482,000 a year over the past decade, and reached a record figure last year  .... we really are the softest touch in Europe, and everyone knows it.


  1. The Sun has reported that an illegal immigrant from Uganda has won £48k in damages because after he started a fight with the private immigration staff who were escorting him used unlawful force on him in response.

    Needless to say that despite being a convicted cocsine smuggler he has now evaded deportation because the airline captain wouldn't take of with him aboard.

    The judges are no longer on the side of law enforcement and now represent the illegal immigrant and crooks.

    As you say, we are the biggest soft touches in Europe.

    1. Not really a surprise is it? Our legal system has become skewed by 'human rights' rather than common sense.

      Thanks for the comment

  2. I see on the BBC that they are all turning down offers of housing because they want to stay in nice accomdation in th most expensive london borough, Kensington .... hardly the actions of the grateful being housed at public expense.

    and the BBC wheels this propaganda out like its OK for the unemployable from half the world to have millionaire housing. Should the homeless have the right to demand where they be housed at public expense or should they accept what they offered as long as its in good repair?

    Oh and while I am at it. It seems that many of the real tenants haven't come forward to be identified, because they were making a pretty penny illegally subletting their council flats to private tenants. This is a national scam thats been allowed to fester in too many councils, who just turn a blind eye to it.

    If we have to have an enquiry, then lets look at ALL the issues this event has raised.

    1. Even the Tories are infected with PC madness .... they are also letting illegal immigrants caught up in this event (subletting or just avoiding deportation), stay for a year and claim welfare benefits. Utter madness. Even our laws are being ignored to pander to the left-wing. thanks for the comment and links.


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