Friday, 23 June 2017

One Is A Lonely Number

I was looking around the pub last weekend and suddenly realised that I was stood alone, and that this had become my normal state of socialising for some considerable time.

One Is A Lonely Number .... But More Common These Days?

It was a bit of a shock to realise that I had slowly become a bit of a 'Billy'  (aka 'Billy No Mates'), over the years, and now I had effectively become isolated from my friends and distant family.

Now don't get me wrong. I am not terribly bothered by being on my own, and I do in fact talk to people in pubs etc, but my close friends are all living elsewhere. This is just part of life and in my case aided by a combination of natural inclination towards being alone, and working circumstances over the years i.e. I worked away from home for more than a decade, and friendships formed over those years left me with friends in Scotland, the north east of England, and other cities in the north of England, and indeed abroad.

Still, it was a surprise to realise that no one local was a good friend. Of course I am not alone in this state of affairs. Indeed looking around, I noticed about five other males who were obviously in the same condition. Probably more men in the vault also lived lives alone, and were cut off socially from the local community.

Bars Are A Last Place Of Refuge For Many Men .... Right Up To Death!

Ah well. Increasingly a sign of the times I guess in an increasingly fragmented society.


  1. I have been in many bars like these so it's not a new phenomena. But as you say it's possibly a growing one.

    We are a broken society but our politicians just don't recognise it.

    1. If it is a growing phenomena, then ir may be hidden by the fact that many old style pubs are closing and the Billy's are therefore pushed into those that are still open. This would disguise the fact that it was full of single males (especially in the day time).

      Thanks for the comment


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