Friday, 30 June 2017

The World of PC Madness

The world of PC madness has seemingly no bounds for its scope .... take the latest craze of various 'black' pressure groups being formed e.g. Black Lives Matter (UK) .... many of which seem to be the idea of a bunch of rather pampered left wing students, even if they have attracted some less well off black activists.

BLM Thugs Dressed For Aggro ..... Why They Are Not Arrested Is Beyond Me.

Their only aim is seemingly to pick up on supposed issues, and then demand that black people be given more help to be equal in those areas .... this despite the fact that many things are now geared in their favour on the jobs front. But still they feel the need to demand that society bends over even more for them.

However the fact is that much of the disparities between black people and other ethnic groups, is mainly down to black boys failing spectacularly inside the education system, This failure is mainly because these youths often just want to get the rewards without hard-work ... to in fact, be given well paid jobs that they are unqualified for, and bypass any career steps the rest of us have to go through to get to similar positions.

When this doesn't happen in the real world, they therefore often prefer to earn quick money by the apparently easier route of drug dealing or petty crimes, just to get rich quick, or 'lookin after business', as these boys often describe their nefarious dealings.

Perhaps the best illustration to-date of the illogicality of these 'black' empowerment groups, are the activities of the Bristol-based, 'People of Colour Collective' (must have been up all night coming with that snappy name), who recently attacked the soap shop chain 'Lush' over a Winston Churchill quote which it placed in its windows.

The collective of idiots in the group issued a statement to anyone stupid enough to pay them any notice, that said that Churchill was a "White Supremacist" .... the quote that offended them was "We hope to see a a Europe where men of every country will think of being a European as of belonging to their native land"

The response from a local conservative politician to the claims of the collective, was that "Its ludicrous". Personally I suspect that almost anyone would be a supremacist over this bunch of collective cretins, who will most certainly have voted for Corbyn to a man or woman.

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