Friday, 9 June 2017

Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough .... Or so the UK Prime Minister has said. But what is enough? Instead of bemoaning the collapse of our will to really address the Islam issues, what could we do?

What's Not To Like About A Religion That Respects Our Values .....

Well lets see:

1. Make terrorism convictions a minimum of 20 years, even if it just 'supporting' terrorism. What is the point of a five year sentence for planning an attack but not succeeding? They are back out on our streets 4 years later, planning again. We have to take them out of the game for a generation.

2. Make deportation automatic for any immigrant or dual nationality immigrant in the UK, who commits anything except the most minor of crimes (any appeals from outside the UK only and not at our expense i.e. no legal aid). Too many people abuse living here with no consequences for that abuse. The USA and Australia have more robust policies than we do.

3. How about stopping recognising all arranged marriages with countries such as Pakistan, India,  the Arab nations, and Bangladesh? The reason is that it brings with it very hard-line Islamists, and or socially backward males into our country, and bypasses the immigration rules on English and employment skills. Our values and our labour market needs should be paramount.

4. Outlawing 'Multi-Culturalism' in local authorities, the civil service, and the media. Make the primary model for all immigrants Integration i.e. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Too many arrive here with no intention of integrating, and its even possible to live your whole life in the UK without learning English in some communities.

To Be Fair, They Don't Hide Their Intentions .... Only Our Politicians Don't Understand

5. The police charging Muslims who threaten non Muslims via threatening posters, or disrupt Christian services with threatening shouts. Behaviour that our PC driven police would not allow outside a mosque.

6. Compulsory citizenship classes in schools and for all immigrants. You came here. If you didn't want to integrate, add to our culture, and enjoy our freedoms, then why did you come here? Deportation if they fail to attend.

7. Making all preaching in mosques in English, not Arabic or any other languages .... too much passes our notice in those buildings, because we don't understand the languages being used and don't monitor them. They are only incidentally houses of god, and also serve secular purposes which is why they use them as cover for rocket attacks on Israel, or to shoot at US troops in Iraq, or to store materials supporting terrorism in the UK. Its a basic misunderstanding of Islam to think of Mosques as being like Churches or Synagogues.

8. Ban the Burka, especially in public buildings such as shops, banks, railway stations, airports and in places of employment (except mosques). Its a deliberate sign of non integration and non acceptance of our values and is not actually part of the religion. Egypt's Grand Imam, Sheikh Mohammad Tantawi, said the face veil was not compulsory in Islam and said every head of state had the right to accept or prohibit it.

9. Ban those extremist groups such as Hizb ut-Tahrir which operates in 40 nations, including Australia and the United Kingdom, but which are actually banned in countries such as Bangladesh, along with other Muslim and Muslim-majority nations including Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan. Its surely obvious that if they fear them, we should do so even more.

These are just a few suggestions that any sensible state would not consider to be unreasonable, to defend itself against the fifth column in our society.


  1. All very reasonable measures that any right thinking person would agree with. Some of them are already covered by existing laws but our PC culture seems to trump their enforcement, so perhaps what we really need is a measure to hold the authorities to account that don't enforce them.

    I was shocked to see that clip of Islamists flaunting the Daesh flag in a London park!?? If they're doing that, of course some of them are going to go on and commit Jihad! As you say they don't shy away from telling us exactly what they think AND they follow through, so when are we going to start listening?

    1. Good question which our press and media show a remarkable reluctance to ask. When the Fourth Estate fails to work your secular society is in trouble. e.g. Turkey and just about any country outside the western world.

  2. How about limiting Muslims to 10% of the pupils in any one school. One of the bif gest problems on integration is the fact that state schools are being islamised in some areas.

    This means that Muslim kids think they are the majority of this country and act accordingly. This includes sexual assaults on non Muslim girls.

    1. Ghettoisation also leads to the parallel lives inside the country. This is multiculturalism gone stark raving mad.

      If we don't tackle this issue now, it's going to end in violence in the future. The idea that the country can just be handed over to Muslim immigration and takeover with out resistance is just fancifull nonsense and is why it's all going wrong.

    2. Well segregation often suits the hosts as well as they are never consulted about immigration policies. However I suspect your right, allowing ghetto's to develop magnifies the impact of separate cultures developing inside ours.

      Thanks for the comment.


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