Friday, 22 January 2016

Big In The (Former) USSR

Zdravstvuyte (Здравствуйте) ..... For some reason that I am unclear on I am suddenly getting large numbers of visitors from Russia. They are currently running at twice the rate of the USA and UK visitor numbers combined. Prior to the last few weeks the weekly visitor numbers from Russia would be in double figures at best, but now they are approaching the thousand per week mark.

Big In The (Former) USSR

Now don't get me wrong, I welcome these visitors with open arms, but I am curious as to what may be the cause?

I suspect that it may be the translation app that I added to the pages, but I could be wildly wrong. After all, those translation apps are somewhat hit and miss, so that may be a red herring (or pickled herring).

So if anyone from Russia reads this post, and can kindly let me know why the visitors to this blog from their country, have risen so sharply, I would be very grateful. ... my curiosity burns brightly.

Skoro uvidimsya (Скоро увидимся)


  1. Word of mouth I expect, (also an excellent album by Toni Basil).

    1. Strange though ... no particular post seems to be doing it (which has happened twice before). so its all very odd. It maybe USA visitors using proxy redirects?

      'Toni Basil' Hey Mickey? .... can't say I have listened to her albums.

  2. Just as an update .... the Russian run is apparently over as of the last couple of days. So whatever it was that attracted them for several weeks, its seemingly lost its appeal.


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