Friday, 15 January 2016

Soap Queen

A woman who uses the social media name 'Xiaoxiao' on China's micro-blogging site Sina Weibo, didn't take kindly to being dropped by her boyfriend, who had described her as 'Too Large'.

But rather than diet, go training, and get a new hairdo (i.e. the usual three months of 'I'm getting a 'new man'), routine that most women follow in these circumstances, she decided she wanted a rather quicker revenge on her faithless ex-paramour. So she decided to lash out her money on a bit of liposuction on any parts of her that offended, and then post pictures of her 'new' look on the Weibo website.

Waiting For The Treatment .....

But even so, she didn't feel that this gesture would be enough to make her 'ex' realise what he would now be forever missing. So when she had her liposuction performed, she had made the very unusual request to have all the body fat that was removed during the process, saved, and given to her when she left the hospital.

She then laboriously made it into a scented soap .... which she then sent to her ex-boyfriend, but before she had posted the new pictures of herself on-line. She then, after a suitable waiting period, posted her new look on the website, along with an explanation of how it had been achieved, as well as where the 'excess' fat had gone, while waiving a bar of the soap..

Xiaoxiao - Soap Queen

The new look met with favourable comments on the site, and she was even described by some as 'Hot'. However the bar of soap gesture was met with 'disgust' by many (mostly men), while others (mostly women), applauded describing it as the 'ultimate form of revenge'.

Still, it brings a new meaning to the phrase 'would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?


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