Friday, 29 January 2016

No 1980s Re-Runs In Labour Party

When 'Jezza' got to the top of the tree in the Labour Party it was, to say the least something of a surprise to everyone (not least the man himself). This was of course because had not a couple of MP's decided to help him reach the required number of electoral votes from the MP's wing "to widen the debate a bit" (they didn't expect or want him to win), he would never have been able to stand.

Jeremy Corbyn Was A Surprise Winner ....

But history so they say, often turns on the most inconsequential of matters, and he swept to power.

Of course he may eventually break the party as a mainstream party of power, as he consolidates his grip over the next four years or so. The next tranche of MP's will undoubtedly be Corbynites and the centre, right, and centre left of the party's MP's could soon be pushed aside in favour of a hard left majority of MP's.

Militant Tendency Beaten Back In The 1980s.

It doesn't seem as though there are any Bevanites like former leader Neil Kinnock, left to fight the good fight for the soul of the party. The Militant Tendency wing of the party, beaten back in that ancient Liverpool battle, now, via the new left wing, hold the levers of power, and will probably be impossible to shift unless there is a rule change on leadership votes.

That change is highly unlikely, as the left know that it's those new rules that were the Trojan horse in which they passed through the opened gates of Troy. They had lost the battle in the 1980's, but it increasingly looks as though they have won the war.

A simple lack of vigilance by party grandees (maybe the same hubris as they displayed in Scotland), allowed an ill thought out rule change from a left leaning leader, to open up those gates, thought locked 'forever' some 30 years ago.

If there was another 'Social Democrat Party' breakaway again (in another 1980's repeat), then the Labour Party could well be finished this time.

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