Friday, 22 January 2016

EU Deal For Our Time

It’s been a strange old week in Europe as on the one hand, UK Prime Minister David Cameron has been rattling about various East European capitals, waving his bit of paper containing his ever weaker 'reform demands', which he hopes will be agreed at the next EU council meeting. Whomever is his political advisor is needs shooting, because the weaker his requests (all of which are being rebuffed in any case), the weaker his leadership looks.

Peace In Our Time In The EU ....

He should look at the example of ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who knew that if she shocked the EU by the size of her demands, the more likely it was that they would offer something substantive in return. Instead, we have a weak set of requests being watered down to totally pointless changes.

Controlling who gets UK funded welfare benefits for example, is not unreasonable (after all if we leave the EU then those East Europeans will no longer be allowed to work visa free and will certainly lose any welfare benefits) .... how weak will he will look trying, like a modern day Chamberlain, to pass these piddling changes off as 'Peace For Our Time' or rather as 'A Triumph Of Diplomacy' and a stunning reform of the UK EU relationship!

While on the other hand, the French have effectively abandoned the Schengen Agreement free movement treaty, and reintroduced border controls 'until we can get rid of Daesh (IS)' and overtly criticised Mother Merkel, by saying that the immigration crisis is at the point of destabilising the EU, as states struggle to accommodate the millions of Muslims pouring in to them. In the meantime 'Mother' is holding yet another bribe meeting with the Turks in Berlin, to try and find a way that Germany can get the Turks to stop the flow of migrants who are answering her 'Come, you will be welcome' call, which is souring the mood in Germany, as the population suddenly realise what barbarians are arriving mixed in with the genuine refugees.

So David Cameron's 'reforms' are going to be even more pointless, if the EU experiment is simply swamped under a sea of migrants who won't integrate or adopt European values .... it’s looking more like a lifeboat being overloaded, than a safe haven.

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