Friday, 29 January 2016

The Persistence

It's beginning to look like global warming in the UK is going to result in wet winters and probably wet summers as well.So as usual for this much rained upon land, something of a lose lose situation.

Its 'Persisting Down', In UK ....

We have just experienced the wettest 3 months in our history (or so it feels) ... It's rained pretty much everyday since late October, and currently shows no sign of abatement. Now in other countries they have a name for this .... It's called 'The Monsoon' or something similar. So maybe we should bite the bullet, admit the reality of the situation and start naming the rainy season(s) something in Britain?

Perhaps a 'Chucking' or perhaps a 'Tippling', or maybe a new term? It seems plain lazy to just use 'British Monsoon' which our media will just adopt for want of any imagination. For a country that invents words and can use a lot of terms for rain to not be able to find one for a British Rainy Season seems embarrassing.

My option? Well how about 'The Persistence'?


  1. Get ready for the hosepipe ban...

    1. You would think we would be able to capture and export it, like 'oil' .... probably be told by the usual brigade that it was 'immoral' to profit from our water resources and that we should be giving it away. Oh well, another scheme bites the dust.


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