Friday, 22 January 2016

Stripped Down Service

Who would have thunk it .... Switzerland is suffering shortages of certain workers after scrapping part of its visa scheme designed to help foreign women. The scheme had been altered because after 20 years on the statute books it was believed to be no longer serving its original 'protection' purpose.

But in an example of the law of unintended consequences biting on the bottom it has resulted in a shortage of 'strippers and exotic dancers'.

Swiss Stripper Shortage Led To Desperate Measures

Yes the 'Stripper Visa' had allowed ladies of negotiable clothing states, to enter Switzerland quickly and easily, to help prevent their exploitation by sex traffickers. However recent societal and migration changes had meant that this 'protection' (such as it was), was no longer afforded by the visa scheme, so it had been scrapped.

Almost immediately though problems arose, as it seems that Swiss misses don't strip, and that nearly all the dancers had been from Russia, the Ukraine, Morocco or the Dominican Republic .... with these dancers no longer able to get work visa's the sector was laid bare (so to speak) and now only EU (or the very few Swiss exotic dancers) are available for the patrons of these establishments .... according to one recruitment agency "It makes recruitment very difficult".


  1. Fair enough she's got a great set of udders on her, but a face only a farmer could love.

    1. I guess they got pretty desperate eh? LOL. Thanks for the comment.


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