Friday, 8 January 2016

Blowing Smoke Ring Laws

No matter how many times our soft approach to failed asylum seekers is abused and exploited by both them, and the army of lawyers who fight to keep them here, we are apparently incapable of doing anything about it. This is because our legislature and legal profession are so hog-tied by PC considerations, that they will not tighten up or even apply the laws, despite the fact that I would guess that around 85% of the population want them to do so.

So much for a Parliamentary democracy responding to the peoples wants. This leads to massive expense in order to accommodate people who should have been removed from this country.  

Failed Albanian Asylum Seeker (but still here) Kreshnik Pisku Shows His Opinions Of UK

Albanian Kreshnik Pisku for example, has already made three 'Asylum claims' (all turned down), and yet he gets still £185 a week in benefits with his wife and two children. He has already been deported in May 2003, and again January 2009 ..... but just like a bad penny, he just keeps coming back, and has even managed to engineer his wife having a child here. “When my wife is seven, eight months pregnant and they offer us £8,000 - £2,000 to each of us - for us to go back to Albania. They try to push me out.” he whined in court ... He recently had a large sum of cash (£2,197.80), taken from him on suspicion of unlawful conduct. But still he's here.

Or taking another case. A recently failed asylum seeker who is still here (despite the fact that he is also a convicted rapist), and is therefore free to sue the UK government (at taxpayers’ expense as usual), for breach of his 'human rights' (yes that fecking law again). In this case he claimed that he should receive 'public funds' to pay for his trips from Portsmouth (where he lives at taxpayer expense), to Canterbury in Kent, where his son (yes he has also lumbered us with one of those as well), lives with his estranged 'partner'.

Earlier in 2015, this scum-bag had won his case in the High Court (it’s almost impossible to understand what goes through some judges minds when they come to these decisions), but upon further appeal by the government, a Deputy High Court Judge, Michael Kent QC, finally brought the cash cavalcade to a halt, when he ruled that it was not 'just and appropriate' to make an award for this travel.

Now, you might think it would be because he has no right to reside in the country, or possibly that as a convicted rapist he maybe doesn’t deserve more money to fuel his lifestyle at tax payers expense .... but no, it was because the judge had been 'considering the amount the man smoked'.

Apparently Michael Kent QC disapproved of how much of his welfare benefits, this raping failed asylum seeker spent on tobacco products each week. You can't make this stuff up.

We are just plain stupid and our laws like smoke rings blowing in the wind.


  1. It does appear as though we bend over backwards to accommodate those who would take unfair advantage of the system. Hopefully these cases are rare and perhaps most deserve such leniency, only their stories can't be expected to make copy.

    1. As 8 out 10 asylum requests fail, but only 3 out of 10 are deported it seems very unlikely that these cases are rare. In fact they are likely to be the norm, a fact which many asylum seekers are aware of in the UK.

    2. Sadly its a fact that most asylum claims are fake.


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