Friday, 15 January 2016

Thin White Duke Fades Away

Sad news about the 'Thin White Duke' passing suddenly away this week ...... I was a late convert to his music. I never was a 'Ziggy' fan but his later (middle era) music grabbed me. In fact one of my favourite 'Live LP's' is still the 'David Live' double LP recorded at 'The Tower Philedelphia' on the EMI label. It was recorded as a part of the USA & Canada 'Diamond Dogs Tour' in July 1974.

David Live 1974

And somewhat surprisingly, I do in fact have a Bowie story that is not common knowledge.

In 1977 I was living in Manchester in the north of England. At that time I, and a couple of friends were music tour regulars, and so when Iggy Pop toured Europe with Bowie as his manager / keyboard player on 'The Idiot World Tour', we considered going to see him. It was probably to be at the Apollo Theatre Ardwick, or maybe the Lesser Free Trade, which were the two main venues at that time.

However we chose not to go and see him, and that could have been that, but then amongst the music fans of south Manchester, a rumour spread that there was to be a mystery/secret concert at The Oaks Pub, a local smallish live music venue (although a big pub) on Barlow Moor Road. The speculation was that it was to be Iggy Pop, so we decided to chance it.

The Oaks Hotel, A Bowie Venue In The 1970's

We turned up at the venue and there was quite a crowd outside (secrets not being well kept then either), but as we knew the local bouncers (doormen) we were allowed in. Sure enough, at the due time Iggy Pop came out .... accompanied by just one musician, David Bowie who played the keyboards (and occasionally the guitar I believe), accompanying Iggy with backing vocals (including on his recently released 'Lust for Life').

Bowie And Iggy Did A Secret 1977 Manchester Gig ....

The concert ended with them singing two or three Bowie songs ...... a memorable gig for those who went, and one which doesn't feature on the official websites, although I (and maybe a hundred or so people who were there), can assure you that it took place.

So that's my contribution to the legion of stories this week on the legend that was Bowie.


  1. Nineteen of David Bowie's albums have entered the UK album charts. Only when McCartney or Jagger die will we see the like again.

  2. Nineteen of David Bowie's albums have entered the UK album charts. Only when McCartney or Jagger die will we see the like again.

    1. I can't remember, but it probably happened when Michael Jackson died as well. Thanks for the update.

  3. I like the anecdote about his name which he had to change as another David Jones (from Manchester) was having too much attention as The Monkees lead singer at the time.

    1. They weren't as bad as they are often portrayed ... i loved the TV show.

    2. Indeed, I'm a big fan, as well as the Man Who Fell to Earth.


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