Friday, 8 January 2016

Giving Away Our Money

Most governments are good at handing over money that is not theirs i.e. Taxes and Revenues, to people who are not worthy of such largess and who are often not our friends at all. In the UK this can be irksome when for example, it’s a vast waste of money and incompetence, such as the Kids Company, and its founder Camila Batmanghelidjh ... who may have done some small good, but with very large amounts of money.

But it’s outrageous when it’s a foreign country. Prime Minister David Cameron for example, is apparently obsessed in giving vast amounts of money to countries, who are often little short of bandits states, or even our active enemies or competitors.

Western Foreign Aid Wasted?

I'll let you judge who is who, and who is actually worthy of our aid, from this list of the UK's top 2014 aid recipients:
  1. Ethiopia - £332 Million (we still take refugees from this regime).
  2. India - £279 Million (a nuclear power, source of vast business funds as they steal jobs from our economy via 'outsourcing', and projected to become the world’s 4th largest economy).
  3. Pakistan - £266 million (source of the vast majority of the Jihadists in the UK and most of the UK citizens fighting for IS in Syria/Iraq, regularly displays mobs burning our flag and shouting death to infidel).
  4. Sierre leone - £238 Million (a basket case).
  5. Nigeria - £237 Million (should be a wealthy oil rich nation, where its money as well as oil that are siphoned off by a corrupt ruling class).
  6. Bangladesh - £208 Million (increasingly Islamified society, where non-Muslims are killed in the streets with little chance of capture or conviction).
  7. Afghanistan - 198 Million (nothing I need to add).
  8. South Sudan - £167 Million (violent basket case, currently on verge of civil/tribal war ...again).
  9. DR Congo - £167 Million (violent basket case ... never been anything else).
  10. Tanzania - £149 Million (quiet basket case?).

Even a casual glance makes the eyebrows raise ........ its as long a list of rogue and failed states as you could find in a month of Sundays.

Too Much British Aid Diverted From The Needy?

We apparently reward these kinds of states, with nothing but ingratitude as our thanks. Campaigners suggest that just 38% of Britain's £12billion foreign aid budget went to the 48 poorest countries last year. So instead I would like to propose a new kind of foreign aid policy. Rewarding the virtuous, and those who are trying to do the right thing for their peoples.

Top of any list should be:

1. Botswana and 2. Costa Rica

But there are other countries who get little recognition for tackling corruption, not running up vast debts, trying to to do the right thing. Uruguay springs to mind as potentially another. In any event, no matter what the criteria used to pick them, surely we should help those who have started the process by themselves, and not those who have to be bribed to try and stop them getting worse or harming us.

The old ways have failed .... lets try some new thinking.


  1. Here Here! Well said! We waste our money repeating the same old failure's in foreign aid policies decade after decade.

    1. We will never learn. Thanks for the comment.


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