Friday, 29 January 2016

The Kiss Of The Spider Woman

Much earlier in the US Electoral cycle, in fact way back in 2012, I guessed that we were facing a Jeb Bush versus Hilary Clinton US Presidential race in 2016, and 4 years later everything seemed to be working in that that direction when they both entered their names into the lists .... a dynastic battle royal seemed to be in the offing, even with the odd setback.

Then along came Donald Trump ... who frankly I thought would be dead in the water once the caucuses started when his outrageous statements would be laughed out of the race ...... but as we approach the Iowa and New Hampshire votes, guess who is 20 points in the lead on the Republican race? Yep One Donald Trump.

This week he was given a kiss by the spider woman herself .....

Sarah Palin Endorses Trump

..... when ex-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin endorsed his bid for the Republican party nomination. 

Of course this nomination seems to be unsurprising, except that Ted Cruz is actually more of an idealogical match with Palin, as he espouses much the same ideological platform as she has campaigned on in the past. But she has taken some criticism from right-wing commentators for backing Trump, many of whom believe that there is literally no excuse for Sarah Palin not to endorse Ted Cruz. However I guess she has decided that Donald has the Trump hand, and is the likely winner, so she has hitched her horse to his wagon train.

Trump and Palin ... A Marriage Of Convenience Or A Love Match?

The advantages for Trump are immediately apparent, a far right blessing from a 'true believer' in the Republican creed and ethos, who is also universally known in the US and abroad. She also adds even more crowd-drawing power to a Trump campaign that already fills entire sports arenas.

Its also certainly the final nail in the coffins of the mainstream Grand Old Party's candidates, because they are just haemorrhaging support and have no credible traction ... Jeb Bush for example seems to have decided to try and kill off the other moderates in the early conventions, and hope that their former backers will support him as last moderate man standing. A risky strategy born of some desperation, and offering no certainty of any success.

There is no denying that for outsiders (or even insiders I suspect), this is all very entertaining and the prospect of Trump versus Clinton, is at least as good as a Bush v Clinton rematch.  Oh and just one final thought, no one believed Jeremy Corbyn would ever be leader of the Labour party in the UK .... but whose laughing now?     


  1. Hilary Clinton is no shoo-in on the Democrats side. She is now in a two horse race with Bernie Sanders.

    It could be another outsider who wins that race.

    1. To be truthful, most of us have been mesmerised by the Trump phenomena and have taken our eyes off the Democratic race. To be sure Mr Sanders is doing remarkably well, especially for a self confessed 'Socialist' in America.

      If he beats Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire then the shades of Obama 2008 could appear before her eyes. She is also still embroiled in 'emailgate', with the US State Department saying it will not allow some of Hillary Clinton's 'top secret' private emails to be released from the email chains in an unsecured account that she used when she was Secretary of State.

      Thanks for the comment, and the timely reminder of the other possible shock result in that election.

  2. Like the film poster spoof. OK to borrow it?

    1. I am happy for anyone to use the pictures from my blog. Its how the internet works. I only object to people scraping the entire posts and pretending its their own (You know who you are!!) . Thanks for asking old chap (or chappette).


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