Friday, 17 June 2016

Cooking The Referendum Books

The BBC has a point of view on the EU Referendum vote and its not BREXIT. To this end they will slant every story as pro remain. E.g."Scores of UK stars back remaining in EU": a lot of Luvvies, many of whom live and work mainly in the USA, and often pay little or no UK taxes, nor are affected by the immigration issues (except insofar as it provides cheap domestic help), sign a bit of Luvvie paper to say the UK is better in EU ..... there are contra-views (well one) but that's buried in the story.

Of course having national policy determined by actors is not new .... but even so you would think the BBc would hold back on this ...

Luvvies Back Remain - Headline News For BBC.

But even when the stories highlight issues, its a positive spin all the way ... for instance. If you read this story its obvious that the slant is 'oh my gosh .... EU citizens are being 'deprived' a vote on whether the UK leaves the EU ... all 3 million (enough to win the vote easily) of them of voting age."Barred from voting on their own future"

EU Citizens Barred from voting on UK EU Referendum ... Unfair?

They then follow it up with another story .... a paean of praise for the fact that Australian backpackers and Malayan students are able to vote to stay in the EU. "EU referendum: The non-Britons planning to vote": 'Commonwealth citizens can vote in UK on the EU referendum. Again totally against the concept of British people solely being able to determine our own future, and happily ignoring the fact that Brits can't vote in elections in either Malaya or Australia for example. There are 900,000 such residents of the UK and along with the Irish citizens (and yes, amazingly they are also able to vote in the UK EU referendum), they could be the deciding votes .... how fecking ridiculous is that?

How ridiculous is it when the BBC takes these stand points that clearly run contra-wise to the idea of an independent nation voting on its future .... if the BBC was paid for by the EU then fair enough, but its not and it should be neutral, but it isn't, and that tells you the most about this organisation and the remain campaigns dirty tricks.

But the real point is that if the vote is to stay in by about a million votes, then you can look no further than these stories, to realise that Cameron cooked books the moment he allowed non Brits to vote.

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