Friday, 10 June 2016

Waving The Flag

The town of Ledbury is not necessarily one which you would associate with the cult of political correctness but this pernicious illness to common sense can raise its head anywhere.

For instance Councillor Liz Harvey who is also deputy leader of the It's Our County party (must be a home rule for Herefordshire thing?) reportedly suggested at a council meeting that no Union Jack bunting be used to mark the Queens 90th birthday celebrations.

In Ledbury Bunting Is Offensive To Some?

The reason? Well you wont be surprised to learn that it was that old politically correct idiots fall back argument about 'causing others to be unsettled' ... the 'others' concerned being anyone who doesn't like our country or our values, but who still chooses to live here nonetheless.

When this objection was picked up by both the local and national press, she tried to explain this away as being a misunderstanding caused by her being tired after a long council meeting.

Cllr Harvey recalled a conversation she had had with some Irish visitors to the town's poetry festival who spotted the union flag bunting. They had got confused and mistook the red, white, and blue flags for 'The national front offices' ..... "They were perplexed," she said. "One asked me if Ledbury is the UK headquarters of the National Front."

Err, for the benefits of both the 'Irish Visitors' (who are coming across as a stereo type in the councillors story - its hard to believe that anyone from Northern Ireland, or even Eire wouldn't know the different flags), and councillor Harvey, the National Front have the white flag with red cross of Saint George ... not the Union Jack. Perhaps Ms Harvey was thinking of some other groups  ... but as they don't do poetry festivals, they wouldn't be there to be offended.

Today Marks Start Of Official Birthday Celebrations For Queen Elizabeth II

The councillor said she is patriotic, and didn't mean to cause any offence, but there were calls for her to resign for making the town a laughing stock. In any event the council ignored her and spent £500 on Union Jack Bunting for the street party. The official celebrations start today and are reported across the globe .... not just in Ledbury.

No one, apart from a particular type of reverse bigot, are the least bit offended by the Union Jack bunting.

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