Friday, 3 June 2016

When Nature Calls ... Unexpectedly

Stupidest story for a while ... and kind of proof that some urban myths do come true ... plus it made me laugh.
A Happy Ending For The Python

An eleven foot python slithered through the pipes in a Bangkok apartment block, and emerged in the squat toilet in a man's flat ... he happened to be using the facilities at the time, and it promptly bit him on his dangling bits.

I would like to have reported no further news on his man python, nor indeed the real python. However he lived to tell the tale (loudly), despite losing a lot of blood, after the man and his wife tried to wrestle it off his member. The python was "yanking very hard" he reported. His wife eventually tied a rope around the snake, and he prised its jaws open ... before passing out. Doctors said Mr Attaporn, was making a good recovery.

Workers later dismantled the toilet and safely extracted the python .... It was later released back into the wild, apparently undamaged by its experience.

You Should Be So Lucky

Lucky for this guy that he wasn't bitten by a poisonous snake .... he might have struggled to get volunteers to suck the poison from the bite ... even from his wife.


  1. I'm waiting for the images to load, but in the meantime, you mean 'venomous' not 'poisonous' :)

  2. Sorry the images were slow loading .... they are not huge. Were you using a mobile device? Language usage correction noted. its not often that my English lets me down but as Alexander Pope said 'to err is human'


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