Friday, 3 June 2016

What A Drag

There are some people who flirt with danger ... these reckless fools are driven by different motives to take what on the face of it are wholly unnecessary risks. For example being a homosexual Muslim is risky enough as it is, given that despite the fact that its highly practised in many of their societies, its still 'haram' (forbidden) by both the religion and its clerics. Iran for example still hangs homosexuals.

Of course given that in many Islamic societies, women are all covered up and highly restricted in their activities, so the streets are almost entirely male orientated in their social make-up, it then leads to male practices which are risky .... so in many of these societies such as Afghanistan, complicated social 'justifications' are made up to ensure that the men only consider the penetrated male to be 'homosexual', whereas the aggressive lover is still deemed 'heterosexual'. The Libyan soldiers who raped a man in the UK, would consider themselves to be heterosexual.

Not In Arab Lands .....

Not unexpectedly, the group that calls itself Islamic State (IS or Isis - Daesh), has of course an especially cruel punishment for gay people - it kills them by throwing them off high buildings (based upon a sometimes contentious Hadith) ..... these punishments are also often meted out to those who have offended them in some other way e.g. they have had Christian friends. One homosexual man who has escaped to Lebanon has said that 'If Isis didn't get me, members of my family would have done it. A few days after I left, I learned that my uncle - my father's brother - had taken an oath to cleanse the family honour.'

But in the mainstream western Muslim society, instead of revulsion at these barbaric punishments, ordinary Muslims, people who otherwise state that they hate ISIS, will happily post comments on Facebook such as these, after a gay murder video is posted.

  • "We hate Isis but when they do things like this, we love them. God bless you Isis."
  • "I am against Isis but I am totally with Isis when they kill gays."
  • "Amazing news. This is the least that gays deserve."
  • "The most horrible crime on earth is homosexuality. Good job Isis."
  • "The scene is ugly but they deserve it."
  • "Those dirty people deserve Isis."

But these are not minority opinions, most of these views are, as indicated in the Facebook comments, commonly held amongst mainstream Muslims. So Muslim homosexuals here, face similar threats ........ and that tells you all you need to know about how dangerous it is to be homosexual in these areas.

But if there is one activity that comes with a sewn on death threat, it must be a Muslim drag act.

What A Drag ....

Needless to say, Asif Quraishi, who is a 'gay' Muslim man from west London, who dresses up and performs as a woman in a nightclub, 'gets death threats' for his London act.

He is from Southall, from where he runs an Asian gay night, and says he faces regular death threats from local fundamentalists, but that he can't deny his nature, ''I'm just being me'', and is going to carry on performing despite the hostility from some within his community. He hopes that he is change attitudes by challenging traditional values, and "inspiring people to be themselves'' ......

Well good luck with that fella ..... people swimming against the tide, usually tire and sink beneath the waves.

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