Friday, 10 June 2016

Dumb-Ass In Detroit

According to 'USA Today', in January 2016 a rather desperate man suffered severe burns, when his St Antoine Gardens, Detroit apartment and three others in the block were gutted in a severe fire blaze .... another two dozen were also badly damaged by water from the fire tender. Fortunately no one else was injured, but it took a little while for fire inspectors to work out what had happened.

They determined that the fire started in the mans apartment, and that accelerants were used. The police were going to charge him with arson when the story came out. His apartment had been so infested with bed bugs that they were both in the bedroom and in the living room sofa.
Night Night Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite .... If You Can!

He felt unable to tackle the problem with the normal controls, and decided to try his own solution. He sprayed the apartment and himself with alcohol, which he had been told would clear the bugs up. He then sat on the sofa and .....

.... Well I hardly have to say it do I? Yes, he lit a cigarette.

One Can Only Guess At The Scene ......

Actually that wasn't his moment of downfall, as surprisingly he didn't immediately go up in a ball of flame .... well not until he took the lit cigarette and tried to burn a bed bug that was crawling on to him .... then it all went up.

As my granny used to say ....'Night, night, and don't let the bed bugs bite!'

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