Friday, 24 June 2016

Not Exactly Rocket Science

Once again the North Koreans are showing the rest of the world that they are worthy of respect, by firing millions of dollars that they don't have into space, then exploding them into the sea ... thus proving that their missiles do occasionally get off the ground.

North Korean Rockets Often Explode ... And Not Always On Target.

However one thing struck me from the picture that accompanied news of the latest rocket firing .... it was the poorness of North Korean 'precision engineering' ....

North Korean 'Precision' Engineering

Take a close look .... you can actually see that the warhead profile is made of wood, and the warhead doesn't actually fit the wood .... there is a great big gap between the template and the warhead through which you can see. Possibly this explains why more than half their missiles end up exploding on the Launchpad.

If they want to start Armageddon, then maybe they should stop importing scotch for the Lil Kim and more precision lathes from somewhere?

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