Friday, 10 June 2016

Project Fear In Full Force

The EU referendum campaign took an uglier turn when the remain campaign commissioned a poster to 'encourage ethnic minorities to vote'. This apparently is legal while a poster to get non ethnic minorities to vote would probably not be. Similarly the campaign by the Advertising Agency was named 'Operation Black Vote', which again is not racist apparently, while a campaign entitled 'Operation White Vote' probably would be considered racist by the same agency.

This is what the EU Referendum is all about according to a well known advertising agency

It is also noticeable for its content ... which features an elderly Asian (Brit?) lady, and a White (Brit?) Skinhead in 'bovver boots', with multiple tattoos. They are sat on a see-saw, and the skinhead is pointing aggressively towards the woman. How this is supposed to represent the UK's ethnic minority decision on how to vote on the EU is beyond me. But what it surely looks like is, a bit of anti-white propaganda, by someone who seems to have his own agenda, and which has little to do with the EU campaign.

The poster, which apparently is intended 'to highlight the demonisation of foreigners and people of colour', was authorised by the agencies London branch CEO Magnus Djaba, but seems to be entirely off-message, for a vote on membership of Europe .... what has 'the demonisation', of 'people of colour' got to do with that vote? In this picture its the white skinhead who is the obvious demon and therefore its the non-minority who are being demonised.

I might add that any person of colour who goes to the Eastern edges of the EU such as Eastern Germany, Poland, or down to the Balkan states, will find that they are demonised far more than anything Mr Djaba might have experienced in London. But in the spirit of fairness, last quote to Mr Djaba "This campaign .... talks to the BAME [Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic] community in a language we we understand" ... says all you need to know really, and in a language we all understand.

Reversing The Image Would Probably Not Be Acceptable As A Referendum Poster? .... For Some Reason.

So once again the 'Project Fear' approach to force the UK's voters hand, has produced just more scaremongering .... the 23rd of June 2016 seems to grow ever more important to the future of the UK.

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