Friday, 3 June 2016

The Real Boswell's

It may or may not surprise you to find out, that the Merseyside area holds the greatest number of welfare recipients in the country (per head of population that is). This 'fact' has been suggested at by comedians and residents of other towns for some years, but as far as I know its only recently that anyone has quantified it as a real 'fact'.

The Late Carla Lane's 'Boswells' - Atypical Liverpudlians?

The report found that six of the top ten benefit claiming constituencies are in the Merseyside region. Number one nationally was Knowsley, where residents average a total £1,900 pa in welfare payments (£149.80 millions pa for the constituency).

The other five to feature in the top ten are Liverpool Walton, Bootle, Liverpool Riverside, Liverpool West Derby, and Birkenhead, who all received more than £120 million pa in welfare payments.

For completeness, Manchester rated two constituencies in the top 10 (Blackely and Broughton constituency, and Manchester Central), with Birmingham Hodge Hill and Leeds Central making up the other entries. None of the figures quoted by the Department Of Work and Pensions (DWP) for this report include State Retirement Pensions, Child Benefits or the massively expensive Housing Benefit.

So what does this tell us?
  • Well its pretty obvious that many areas of the country are now permanently stuck to the welfare teat.
  • These constituencies are all those areas where those few who bother to vote, overwhelmingly do so for the Labour Party. Their reward being more milk in the teat, when they use it (not any attempt to raise their expectations to include working for a living).
  • That the jokes about Scousers and 'workshy' have some basis (sorry, but facts are facts).

Work and Shy Associated In Some Minds,

After that its whatever you want .... for instance I suspect that whichever number of the highest welfare receipt constituencies you looked at e.g top 50, it would still show that the majority were also historically 'always' Labour parliamentary seats (with a few Liberal seats as well).

I often wonder why the Labour Party never does anything to break the welfare dependency and workless cycles that permanently condemns its core voters, and residents of its parliamentary constituencies, to the welfare trap ..... couldn't be for voting purposes could it?

Oh, and just for the record .... the constituency with the lowest amount of benefits claimed was the Conservative constituency of North East Hampshire, at just £27.1 million pa. 

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