Friday, 17 June 2016

Footballs Coming Home To Work

Like I suspect many offices around the UK, mine bowed to what it considered to be the inevitable, and put the office TV's on, to show 'the game' .... 'the game' being England versus Wales in the European Championships. There was some talk of 'people making up time later', but no-one seriously expected that to happen.

The hard-core footie fans had taken the afternoon off, having found that watching a game doesn't work for them unless accompanied by copious amounts of beers.

For The Love Of The Game .... Gary Neville Relives His Playing Days.

So there I was, actually not terribly interested, my sentiments more in tune with those in the pub. The fact was, what with the only Welshman sat near me (crowing happily at half time ...), a giant screen behind me, and a small crowd in front of me looking over my head at the screen, all work had ceased .... so apart from answering one phone call, I wrote this post .

That about sums it up .... what seemed like a good idea in staff relations, actually just led to a section of those who aren't really interested, finding other things to do, instead of working. As for the game, after a promising start it soon petered out in to a classic 'English style' game, lots of huff and puff, a little bit of football and not much finesse ....

For the record ...... England won. The Welsh fan was subdued and life returned to normal at work. Thankfully, unless England progress and get another afternoon game, that's the last of 'live' games at work.


  1. England screwed up again. Wales topped the group. Football is not coming home.

    1. I can't argue ... enjoy it while you can Cardiff Boyoh, another 58 years of hurt lie ahead. Thanks for the comment.


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